to Nov 2


Reception: Friday, September 27, 6:30 pm
Kim Stone and Pat Walach Keough

A collection of new works featuring candid observations of everyday scenes captured in a natural, plein air inspired style.


In the Upper Gallery:

THE BALKAN BACKSTORY: Photographs by Janet Powers

Powers’ photographs of the beauty and difficulty of life in the Balkans and companions to her book, Circles on the Mountain, Bosnian Women in the Twenty-First Century.

Morning in Sarajevo.jpg
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to Feb 1


CALC’s 5th open call exhibit featuring both member and non-member artist’s take on the theme. Varied in both medium and style, the works will be chosen to create the most diverse exhibit possible. Juror of entry and prized will be Lauren Nye, Director of Exhibitions, Susquehanna Art Museum.

OnThinIce logo.jpg
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to Sep 21


Lori Snyder and Kurt Brantner

Snyder’s photography of local orchards, waterways, fields and mountains invites the viewer to contemplate the joys of having a daily intimacy with place. Brantner’s pottery fuses the elements and geology of the local environs into elegant forms.

Reception: Friday, August 9 from 6:30-8:00 pm

In the Upper Gallery:
September 6-21
Reception: Friday, September 6 from 5:00-7:00 pm
75th Anniversary Celebration: Yellow Breeches Chapter PA Guild of Craftsmen

2015Mar21_4633 1printed.jpg
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to Jul 27


Reception: Friday, June 14, 6:30 pm
Arlyn Pettingell and Sharon Pierce McCullough

Pettingell’s series focuses on the honest work done everyday; the work enriching our society and our daily lives. McCullough’s sculptures bring new life to found objects and everyday materials, elevating their use.

Man on Move.jpg
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to Jun 1


Reception: Friday, April 26, 6:30 pm
Mary Hochendoner and Maaike Heitkönig

Heitkönig’s uses vast fields of color with a minimal variance of gesture and texture in order to engender emotional connections and spatial associations in the viewer. Hochendoner juxtaposes figurative elements with a deeper dreamy ground refining her image until the proportion and tension create and elegant solution.

The CALC Collaborative in the Upper Gallery:

The Real Faces of Homelessness
Carrie Breschi

Through both 2D and 3D art installations, Carrie Breschi will explore the faces of homelessness and the community misconceptions that surround those who struggle to find shelter.

Imagery & Field.jpg
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to Apr 12

Common Ground

Upper Gallery:

Common Ground
Dickinson College Student Exhibit
Opening Tuesday April 9 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

Professor Kristin Strock's Conservation Biology and Professor Rachel Eng's Advanced Ceramics class collaborate on five projects that ask questions about how we perceive and value the natural world through participatory artworks, where the audience is an active contributor in completing the work of art.  Join them in this active, participatory event Tuesday evening and watch the work evolve over the following days.

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to Mar 9

Member’s Show: Purple POPS!

Reception Friday, February 8, 6:30pm

(Includes Upper Gallery)

CALC’s annual members’ exhibit. Join us for a “pop” of color in the winter!

Best in Show (any media):

 Linda Benzon: Pops Nixon on a Sunday Night, Photography

Student Best in Show (any media):

 Henry Pluta: The Sins of Children, Charcoal, Pastel, & Acrylic

Drawing and Painting: 

 First Place:

 Karen Ferrick: Fragrant, Pastel

Second Place:                                                         

Sue Himes: Marshland, Oil   

3-D, Printmaking and Mixed Media:  

First Place: 

Sarah Anne Frotscher: Above the Fruited Plain, Etching/Collagraph

 Second Place: 

 Rock, Paper, Sistas: Andrea & Elizabeth Jacobsen: Andy, Mixed Media

Digital, Photography:    

First Place: 

Lori Snyder: “Where are the Clowns, Send in the Clowns…”, Photography

Second Place: 

Donald Uvick: Wig Chateau, Photography

Honorable Mention (s) to denote any noteworthy piece(s)....

Artworks! Teen Program: Bubbles, Mixed Media

Jolie Rankin: Purple Sunrise, Acrylic

Cinda Kostyak: Pine Creek’s Purple Morn, Watercolor

Abria Donato: Amethyst, Copper & Fabric

Brooke & Rob Jones: Planted, Ceramic & Wood

Kirsten Olson & Megan Lloyd-Thompson: Stately Setting, Porcelain, Gold Lustre & Handwoven Tapestry: Cotton, Bamboo Silk, Linen, Hemp

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to Feb 2

Juried Exhibit Alterations

Reception Friday, January 11, 6:30-8:00pm

Upper Gallery: Winter Light – Breschi|Olson|Reed|Savage

Best in Show: 

Frozen Waterfall II - Gregg Silvas, Newark, DE

Drawing and Painting:

Dead in the Woods-  Mary Hochendoner, Dauphin, PA

Abstract #30 - Michael McCullough, Biglerville, PA

3-D and Mixed Media: 

The Whole Package - Andrea Theisson, Gettysburg, PA

Photography, Printmaking, Digital Illustration :

Surprise - Joan S. Wolf, Mechanicsburg, PA

Into the Light - Melissa Gamez, Charlotte, NC

Best Use of Theme:

Settlement, Unsettlement - William Mitchell, Lancaster, WI

Honorable Mention: 

Balancoire - Erin Juliana, Brooklyn, NY

Thoughts and Prayers Cell Phone Bag - Demi Hauseman, Carlisle, PA

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to Sep 22

Philip Lindsey and Emily Hampson

Reception Friday, August 10, 6:30 pm
Lindsey creates figurative paintings featuring personal narratives. Hampson creates unique ceramic pieces featuring understated pattern.
In the Upper Gallery:  One World, Many Faces: photos from the travels of Mike and Sherry Knowlton.

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to Apr 14

Celebration of Student Art

Reception Friday, March 16, 5 - 6:30 pm
The work of Carlisle Area School District students K - 12 are featured. Help us celebrate the students and their dedicated teachers.

In the Upper Gallery: April 13, 5-7:00 pm Reception Dickinson College Center for Global Study & Engagement  Annual Student Photography Contest

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to Mar 10

Annual Members’ Exhibit: Silver • 25

Reception Friday, February 9, 6:30 pm

Calling all members! The much anticipated member exhibit celebrates CALC’s 25th Anniversary year for 2018! Join our member artists at the reception! Prizes awarded.

Best in Show (any media):

         Donna Berk Barlup, 3 Balloons,    Watercolor

Drawing and Painting: 

 First Place:

 Mary Hochendoner, Untitled (Sash on ground), oil on panel

Second Place:                                                         

Andrea Jacobsen, Letort Trail Fantasy,  pen/ink/paint/marker   

3-D and Mixed Media:  

First Place: 

John Guarnera, Pit Fired Construction, Earthenware

 Second Place: 

 Jesse Marpoe, Self Portrait Captured, Hand-pulled print with plate

Digital, Photography:    

First Place: 

George Rhyne, Three Dancers, digital photo

Second Place: 

Lori Snyder, Paps The Silver Fox, Photo

Honorable Mention (s) to denote any noteworthy piece(s)....

Linda Benzon, Emergence, phot on metal

Lori Snyder, Nod to the Silver Screen

Fran Piper, Silver Frost, Acrylic mandala painting

Joan S. Wolf, Silver Pitcher, Watercolor

ZeeLinda, Battenburg Lace in Winter

Rebecca Myers, Molly, 1949, Acrylic

Dennis Akin, Picnic, silverpoint on gesso panel

Barbara DeUgarte, despair, acrylic

Bill Kramer, Droid, free standing mobile


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to Nov 11

8 Takes on Architecture

Opening Friday, October13, 6:30 pm

Artists Howard Batchelor, Robert Cavenagh, Jonathon Frazier, Patricia Walach Keough, Michael Lahr, Susan Nichols, Kimberly Stone & Leon Yost present a varied and thoughtful perspective on the capacity of architectural forms to enliven one’s experience of their environment. This exhibit includes the upstairs gallery.

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to Oct 7

Concha Correal and Joan Wolf: Journeys

Reception Friday September 8, 6:30 pm
Correal, a native of Spain, shares impressions of landscapes from around the world complemented by Wolf’s colorful abstract monotypes.

In the Upper Gallery:

Ken Schwartzman, photography, and Joan Schwartzman, painting: The American West, Two Views.


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to Sep 2

Kirsten Olson and Carol Reed: Inherent Energy

Reception, Friday, August 4, 6:30

Kirsten Olson, ceramicist, and Carol Reed, textile artist works are grounded in connectedness, space and memory in contemporary times. They utilize natural and recycled materials in new and unusual ways.

In the Upper Gallery:

Capturing Nature: A collection of works by members of the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters

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to May 11

Learning/Making:Works by Dickinson College Ceramic Students

In the Upper Gallery

This exhibition is comprised of works created through techniques involving hand-building and wheel throwing, as well as a range of surface treatments. The content and subject matter of the projects areas unique and individual as each maker.

Reception: Friday May 5th, 2017 from 5:00-8:00 pm

Students will be on hand to discuss their works and answer questions.

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to Mar 11

Orange Crush

Annual Member Exhibit

Opening Reception Friday, February 10, 6:30 pm

A “pop” of color for the middle of winter! The annual members’ exhibit is always fun and fabulous! 

Join our Member Artists at the Opening Reception

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to Feb 4

Text / Texture / Textiles

Opening Reception Friday, January 13, 6:30 pm

This exclusive CALC juried exhibit will feature 50 works of various media from around the country celebrating the use of text as a design element or the use of texture or textile materials within the work. Prizes will be awarded.

Harrisburg Camera Club will be exhibiting in the Upstairs Gallery.

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to Dec 31

Art for the Holidays

Holiday Open House: Sunday, November 27th from Noon to 4:00 pm

Shop CALC’s boutique of local, hand-made, artisan designed and original art! Local scenes, one-of-a-kind ceramics, handcrafted silver and beaded jewelry, ornaments and painted whimsies, photography and more. Support your local makers – you will be giving twice!

Kurt Brantner will hold his annual Open House in the Upper Gallery November 26th, 27th and December 3rd.

Music, Refreshments and FREE gift wrapping!

Also, celebrate the season with our Gingerbread Mania events, lectures, contests and classes.


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to Nov 12

Dennis Akin: Discoveries and Surprises

Opening Reception Friday, October 14, 6:30 pm

A selection of Akin’s work includes many new paintings exploring timeless human narratives as well as accompanying drawings and figure studies.

Join Akin for an artist talk Tuesday, Nov. 1, 7:00 pm in the upstairs gallery to learn more about his process – a series of steps which enrich the experience of looking at and thinking about his work.

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