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Claire Beadon Carnell & Donna Berk Barlup: Il Commencé à Paris

Opening Reception Friday, May 20, 6:30 pm

Two artists, one an oil painter and the other a watercolorist, capture the people and places of France.

In the Upper Gallery: Nicole Dube, Photographer, The Miranda Portraits: Lost and Found

The items in a lost and found are just items of found property; it is the owner who is lost. A lost and found is actually home to the implied missing persons. But since those persons have gone missing, the imagination is free to spin out its own narrative based on a single object.
The London Underground’s Lost Property Office has a permanent staff to transport and sort some 600 items a day. Among their most unusual finds are false teeth, a lawn mower, a Chinese typewriter, a theatrical coffin, a jar of bull’s sperm and an urn of ashes.
New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority publishes an inventory of lost property which it updates hourly. As of 3pm on July 28, 2014, the inventory contained 168,478 items, which included sixty-eight board games, nineteen death certificates, twenty-three saxaphones and two air-conditioners. In 2013, just 42% of the missing owners were located.
Whether we consider the photograph or the object, the matter at hand is that of human traces and relics. When displayed (or viewed) in the right light, these things become evidence for a whole life and a springboard from which the imagination can take a great leap