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Deborah Fingerlow & Delenn Fingerlow: Sustain-A-Sea

 An interactive exhibit where art meets science, conservation and education.  Take a journey with us to Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine.  Meet some of the locals:  the lobster, the harbor seal, the sea urchin, and the sea star.  Take a closer look to see what's happening with our oceans, and what one person can do to help keep our oceans clean.  Cast a whimsical eye toward up-cycled sea creatures, learn about the tools of the trade "downeast," and try your hand at helping to create a masterpiece, crafted right here at CALC.  Learn about Friends of Acadia, and perhaps think about planning your own journey to the ocean, or sea. It's all about you, me and the sea.  Sustain-A-Sea.

"People protect what they love."    Jacques Yves Cousteau

The artists will lead a hands on event for all ages on Saturday June 27th at 1 p.m.