Surface Series Workshop: Application and Atmosphere


Surface Series Workshop: Application and Atmosphere

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Teacher: Denise O’Connell Joyal
Ages: Teen – Adult
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 15
Fee: $135 ($145 non-member) + $45 Materials fee*
*Materials fee includes lunch

Explore the potential of clay’s surface in this hands-on workshop. Topics will include mishima, sgraffito, & glazing coupled with in-depth discourse on atmospheric firing techniques. Test tile size samples will be provided for hands-on portion of workshop, however, participants are welcome to bring their own leather hard work or bisque ware.

Denise O'Connell Joyal is the Adjunct Professor of Ceramics at Wilson College and a graduate of Hood College with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramic ArtsShe say's of her work, "Like sunlight passing over the landscape, fire and soda vapor flow across the wares adding warm colors and permanently illuminating the vessels’ surfaces. Swirling gases surround the molten forms, moving through and around them, seeking escape.  The fleeting journey of the flame is captured on forms representing the artist’s perception of light moving through time. Inlaid patterns enhance the surface of the forms offering added visual interest, keeping the work fresh and alive."

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